PSA: We Sell Menswear Now and We Wear It Too. Sue Us.

Surprise! Your boyfriends, brothers, and fathers (the cool ones) can now shop at Esther Penn too. We currently have a small selection of men’s tees, button-downs, and jackets exclusively at our Dallas location. Along the lines of our women’s selection, our menswear is equally as California-casual with a touch of flare. So, come check it out!

Additionally, you can, and should, wear them too! It’s 2019 people. French women and girlfriends alike have been “borrowing from the boys” since the dawn of time. Whether pairing a button-down with a more feminine addition or straight up wearing a suit, we are here for it.

Here we’ve coupled the same tops with different bottoms to suit a feminine and masculine look for each.





Style these options how you want, drag your man in to get some of his own, or purchase one for him as a gift and tell him that he’ll look even more attractive than in the band tee he’s owned since middle school (and miraculously still fits into.) Just a suggestion.










Photography: Elise McClure


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