Co-Owners Alyson Johnson and Kacey Cargile opened Esther Penn in Fort Worth in October 2014. Nearly four years later the best friends have two more locations in Texas and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Here’s a little more info to get better acquainted with the girls behind it all:

How did you two meet?

We both went to the University of Texas in Austin around the same time but didn’t know each other until working at a local boutique together in Fort Worth. We met and became instant best friends and ended up managing that store for 3 years.  

How did Esther Penn begin?

We were both coming up on big changes in our lives - Kacey was finishing law school and Alyson was about to get married - and we just realized we had this similar dream of owning a store. We loved working together so much and had so much fun that we just decided to do our own thing.

How did you come up with the name ‘Esther Penn’?  

It’s the streets we grew up on - Esther and Penn. It sounded like a cool girl's name and a brand and when we said it we were like “oh my gosh, that’s it”!

Where are you from originally?

Alyson is from Southern California and Kacey is from Texas.

 Do your personal styles have a lot to do with what clothes you bring into the store?

Definitely! We have fairly similar personal styles but put different twists on certain things based on our upbringing and interests. Alyson brings a laid-back California vibe while Kacey has more of a structured edgy look. We are also inspired by people around us - our customers, friends, style icons - so we keep them in mind when going to market.


How many locations do you have now?

Three! We have one store in Fort Worth we opened in October 2014, a store in Dallas that opened in 2016, and we just opened San Antonio in 2018.

Do you have the same pieces in every location or does it vary?

We have most of the same pieces in all three stores, but we also know there are some things girls like here better than there or vice versa. It’s interesting though, you can take one style and it will fly in Fort Worth and in Dallas and in San Antonio. It’s just a different type of person buying it.

What’s the vibe you want when walking into your stores?

We want the environment to be as though you are shopping with your girlfriends - we want it to feel relaxed - so we try to have girls that will feel relatable and you’ll be comfortable talking to. It’s fun to have people come in and tell us about a date they’re going on or a girls night and we can help you pick out an outfit for it.

When will we see you in the store?

We are always in one of the three stores! We also try to work together twice a week if possible. There’s a reason we started this cause we love working together!  Come by and hang out! We’d love to meet Y'all!





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THE CUTEST 💘love y’all!

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